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4k Aerial Video & Photography

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Investment Real Estate & NNN

Commercial developers and leasing firms, we understand your needs.
Low-level oblique drone footage delivers results, motivate your customer to buy right now.


No substitues for manned photography

Part 107 drone not high enough?
Brand landscape, traffic patterns and surrounding commerce with our manned flight operations up to 10,000 feet MSL.


Rooted in Television and Media Production

Mediums from Print to Flim, execute a perspective limited only by your imagination.

More Drones, More Planes, More Media

No problem. Our Crews have thousands of flight hours and conutless years of combined experence in television and media; operating traditional equipment, manned aircraft and drone technology.
From motion pictures to individual use, check out our examples below.

  • Construction

    Construction_SiteYour offsite. Receive regular progress images under contract for your records.

  • Video Production

    Video_Production_WaterparkLarge international firms to local production. Contract aerial service is unbeatable.

  • Agriculture

    FarmMonitor production & growth. LiDAR, Thermal and Image mapping, get a clear picture to aid yield and efficency.

  • Print & Publications

    BigDamBridgePublished recognition, captivating visuals for your print and digital articles.

  • Corporate Media

    Corporate_WarehouseCompliance, Safety, Promotions...the list goes on. Video is a profound indespensible tool.

Its Time

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